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Means of payment
Bank details:
National Bank of Greece
swift code: ETHNGRAA
Beneficiary: Ioannis Nikolaou of Paraskea

In the deposit, the full name and the seminar code should be mentioned.

If the deposit is processed through another bank, other than NBG, the bank costs are borne entirely by the prospective trainee.

Participation in a training course is finalized by depositing the amount up to 15 days before its holding.

Cancellation of participation
The candidate is obliged to inform about the cancellation of his/her participation by email to our e-mail address up to 10 days before the seminar, to be refunded. Interbank costs are borne by the candidate. If the cancellation is made from the 9th (ninth) day before the seminar and after, the participation amount will not be refunded.

With your application for participation, you accept the above conditions and do not claim any compensation and/or refund from First Aid Provider Hellas due to your fault.


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